One Column Layout

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Section Title

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Content Accordion

An accordion of items that can be entered manually. There is a hidden field for "Show" that will allow you to use the "ll_faq" CPT if needed. To show this field, remove the class "hidden" from the field.

Additional Options:

  • One or two column layout
  • Callout card
  • Section titles
Label Name Type Notes
Intro tab
Intro content_accordion_intro wysiwyg
Callout Card content_accordion_callout_card group group with image and wysiwyg field. Adds card below intro.
List Items tab S
Add Microdata content_accordion_add_microdata true_false
Accordion Items content_accordion_accordion_items repeater repeater of accordion sections with option to add a section title and a repeater of items with title and content fields
Layout tab
Layout content_accordion_layout button_group Determines if layout is one or two columns
Background Color content_accordion_background_color button_group (Clone of Utility : Background Color)