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Premium Medical Aesthetics for Unparalleled Results

Noticing some wrinkles? Needing a little lift? Hoping to lose some weight? Your next step for customized aesthetic care is at our med spa in Freeport. Our team of licensed medical professionals doesn’t just have certifications in aesthetics—we have years of experience in the medical field to give you the best possible results, along with 2 advanced nurse practitioners to provide expert insight.

Services Offered at Freeport


Our menu of every neurotoxin staple includes Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Daxxify. Each brand treats various parts of the face with different effects on wrinkles. To know which one can help you turn back the clock, come in for a consultation with one of our providers!

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Dermal Fillers

Enjoy subtle yet beautifying results with our dermal fillers. We offer Restylane and RHA fillers to add volume and hydration to areas of the face, and Radiesse as a biostimulating filler for deep-tissue rejuvenation. We prioritize the natural, balanced look of filler so that all of your facial features are in harmony.

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Fat-Dissolving Injections

These injections utilize deoxycholic acid, a substance found in your own body that breaks down fat cells from food, as a double chin treatment or as a “bra bulge” treatment. We inject the deoxycholic acid into the treatment area, and the fat cells will gradually be reabsorbed into the body, leaving you more sculpted!

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Sculptra is a revolutionary injectable that uses poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) to stimulate collagen production over time. It adds volume throughout the face or other treatment areas on the body for a volumizing and tightening effect.

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Chemical Peels

We formulate our chemical peel solutions to specifically address your concerns. Our provider will apply the solution to your face, and the reaction with your skin will strip away any dead or damaged layers for enhanced cellular turnover. Then you can enjoy revitalized, refreshed skin!

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SlimDown Medical Weight Loss

Our medical providers designed our very own SlimDown Medical Weight Loss program to serve our patients with effective, safe, and sustainable weight loss. If that’s your goal, then we want to make that a reality for you through SlimDown Medical Weight Loss at Medical Grade Aesthetics.

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The History of Medical Grade Aesthetics

Dr. Jen Yeager started her career in leading aesthetics with the first location for Medical Grade Aesthetics opening in Beloit, Wisconsin, in 2019. As her practice enjoyed success from her expert team and her incredible results, she opened more locations for her med spa in Freeport, Illinois, and in Janesville, Wisconsin. She continues to provide hands-on care to her patients while paving the way for medical aesthetics throughout the stateline area.

Setting the Standard for Aesthetics


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Advanced Nurse Practitioners

What to Expect From Your Plan

Step 1: Consultation

Your journey at Medical Grade Aesthetics begins with a consultation with one of our licensed medical professionals. We take this time to learn more about you, your concerns, and your goals for treatment. Based on this information, we create a treatment plan that best addresses what you hope to get out of your medical aesthetics.

Step 2: Treatment Plan

Your plan will likely include a combination of treatments with several sessions to get your best results. Whether you’re looking for an anti-aging regimen, clearer and brighter skin, or comprehensive wellness, we will make sure that you receive the best quality of service possible, both in your results and your relationship with your medical providers!

Step 3: Results

We will set your expectations around your results timeline in your initial consultation. As we continue to age, we believe it’s important to complete regular maintenance treatments to keep up with your results. Not to mention, we always love seeing our patients return to our practice!

Get Your Aesthetics in 2 Other Locations!

Explore our main location in Beloit, as well as our other satellite location in Janesville, to see which one may be best for you!

Meet Your Providers in Freeport

Led by Dr. Jen Yeager, our team is always happy to create the best possible experience for our patients. Take a look at our team to meet your providers at our med spa in Freeport!

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Save With Medical-Grade Memberships

Get the best value out of your aesthetic treatments with our membership options at Medical Grade Aesthetics! We offer 3 tiers to meet your budget and your timeline for your plan.


Premium Products for Your Skin

Medical-grade skincare is the secret to maintaining healthy, youthful skin for years to come. Shop our SkinMedica store for premium products, or create an account to take our Skin Analysis quiz and learn more about what your skin needs!

5-Star Reviews From Our Patients!

  • Customer service is five star! It started with the first phone call, very friendly, helpful, and happy to help. 


    Customer service is five star! It started with the first phone call, very friendly, helpful, and happy to help. All of the staff make you feel welcome and put any worries at ease. Very knowledgeable and explain products, options and walk you through every step.


  • What can I say but Jen & her “posse” are the BEST! Always professional but fun & compassionate!

    Judy Bluse

    What can I say but Jen & her “posse” are the BEST! Always professional but fun & compassionate! It was my lucky day when I walked thru their door! From Botox, Sculptra, to tanking me up with IV fluids when I’m dehydrated…one stop shopping! So glad they are so close in downtown Beloit. As a nurse for 42 yrs I have always trusted other nurses & that’s where Jen started. Keep up your great work Girls!! Thanks for bringing out my inner beauty! You are ALL beautiful souls! Luv Judy

    Judy Bluse

  • It is a very welcoming, relaxing, clean, chic and client oriented business.

    Sinem Bertling

    It is a very welcoming, relaxing, clean, chic and client oriented business. Thank you for your excellent service and great skills. Bedside manners are outstanding as well. I am so pleased that such a nice place exists in Beloit.

    Sinem Bertling

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