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Sessions Needed:

1 weekly for 4 weeks, then 1 to 2 monthly

Results Duration:

Ongoing with maintenance

Contour Your Ideal Body

Contrary to what some people may believe, you can’t reduce fat in specific areas of your body through dieting or exercise. And this means that even hard work in the gym can’t always get rid of those stubborn love handles or that pesky arm fat. But we can help you do that at Medical Grade Aesthetics with Emsculpt NEO in Beloit!

This revolutionary, noninvasive treatment simultaneously reduces fat and grows muscle to slim down those areas and add definition. It’s the perfect treatment to sculpt your body without any surgery, pain, or downtime!

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What It Treats

  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Calves
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen

Why Get Emsculpt NEO?


Emsculpt NEO is a completely noninvasive body contouring device—the paddles rest on the treatment area and deliver muscle contractions.


Not only does Emsculpt NEO enhance your appearance, but it also improves your muscle strength without needing to even step into a gym.


The treatment time for Emsculpt NEO is only 30 minutes, making it an easy procedure to add to your lifestyle.

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What to Expect

The Emsculpt NEO Process

Step 1: Consultation

Your 5-star experience at Medical Grade Aesthetics starts with a one-on-one consultation to receive your personalized plan of care. You can let us know your history, concerns, and goals for treatment with us. Our licensed medical professional will work with you based on this information to create a plan that fits into your lifestyle and accomplishes your goals. Then we’ll get you scheduled for Emsculpt NEO in Beloit!

Step 2: Treatment

You can simply lay down and relax during the 30-minute treatment. Our provider will place the applicators on the treatment area, and you’ll feel the heat and contractions generated by the device. Some describe it as similar to an intense workout, along with a warming sensation.

Step 3: Maintenance

Your muscles do need consistent strengthening to maintain their definition and strength, just as you would achieve with consistent gym workouts. Fortunately, you’ll need Emsculpt NEO much less frequently than a standard exercise routine! You’ll come in for weekly sessions for a total of 4 treatments, and then afterward we recommend 1 to 2 monthly treatments to keep your body sculpted and slim.

The Science Behind Emsculpt NEO

Emsculpt NEO combines radiofrequency and HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy) to noninvasively eliminate fat and build muscle. The device heats up with radiofrequency to reach a temperature that melts fat cells and warms up the muscles. Then the HIFEM contracts the muscles far beyond what’s possible during a traditional workout. After you complete the treatment, your body will gradually flush out the fat cells and grow the strained muscle fibers.

Achieve Your Aesthetic Goals With Us

Our treatment planning tool lets you select areas of concern so that we can recommend our services that meet your needs!

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