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Minimal, may be slightly red afterward

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4 to 6 weeks

A Staple for Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Facials are the foundation of a regular skincare routine. With professional-grade facials, you can elevate the effects of your at-home skincare and revitalize your appearance on an ongoing basis. At Medical Grade Aesthetics, we emphasize the importance of consistent facials to minimize or prevent signs of aging, provide consistent hydration, and extract any impurities within your skin.

Not to mention, your monthly facial in Beloit should be with providers who care and get to know you on a personal level—like our licensed medical professionals at Medical Grade Aesthetics!

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What Our Facials Do

  • Hydrate and oxygenate
  • Extract impurities
  • Exfoliate dead or damaged skin
  • Infuse medical-grade serums
  • Promote better absorption of products
  • Freshen the skin
  • Minimize dullness and discoloration

Your Options for Facials


The TriaWave device uses a combination of ultrasound and electrical currents to lift and tone facial tissue while encouraging better absorption and efficacy of topical products.


The Glo2Facial exfoliates and oxygenates the skin while massaging the face to infuse active ingredients into your pores.


A DiamondGlow facial utilizes microdermabrasion with a diamond tip to deep clean your skin and saturate it with a personalized serum.


Enhance your premium facial with dermaplaning, a treatment that gently scrapes off the outermost layer of skin to improve the results of your treatment.

What to Expect

The Facial Process

Step 1: Consultation

Your 5-star experience at Medical Grade Aesthetics starts with a one-on-one consultation to receive your personalized plan of care. You can let us know your history, concerns, and goals for treatment with us. Our licensed medical professional will work with you based on this information to create a plan that fits into your lifestyle and accomplishes your goals. Then we’ll get you scheduled for your facial!

Step 2: Facial

The exact process of your facial appointment may change depending on the type of facial you get. Regardless of the type, your Medical Grade Aesthetics provider will gently cleanse your skin and prepare it for treatment. As they follow through with the steps of your facial, they will make sure the entire experience is luxurious, comfortable, and relaxing.

Step 3: Regular Treatments

The results of our facials are immediately noticeable, but they’re also cumulative with additional monthly treatments. You might be a little red after your facial, but there isn’t any recovery needed! You can go right back to your regular activities, making them easy to implement into your lifestyle.

Achieve Your Aesthetic Goals With Us

Our Treatment Planning Tool lets you select areas of concern so that we can recommend our services that meet your needs!

Treatment Planning Tool

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Explore Our Medical-Grade Memberships

We offer 3 tiers of memberships for monthly treatments at a VIP price. If you want to save on your routine facial in Beloit, as well as our other medical-grade services, take a look at our membership options!



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About Medical Grade Aesthetics

Medical Grade Aesthetics is a luxury specialty practice overseen by world-class medical professionals with over 50 years of combined experience. We create lasting relationships with each of our patients by making sure your visit with us is enjoyable, relaxing, and rewarding! Let’s work together to get the results you’re looking for from our comprehensive menu of cosmetic services.