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When to Get Hormone Treatment: The Signs of an Imbalance

Everyone’s “normal” looks different, especially when it comes to hormones. Most people experience at least one period of a hormonal imbalance, and many of them are unaware that their hormones are the root of their wide range of symptoms.

So, what are the signs of an imbalance? The Medical Grade Aesthetics team is outlining the most common signs that you should see a specialist for hormone treatment in Janesville. 

Unexplained Weight Gain and Muscle Loss

Research shows that high growth hormone and cortisol levels are linked to obesity, as these hormones play crucial roles in regulating your appetite and determining your metabolism. 

Men and women also depend on an ample testosterone supply in order to maintain their muscle mass. While weight loss injections like semaglutide can help you expedite your weight loss journey—alongside BHRT—rebalancing your hormones is key to rebuilding those muscles.

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Hair Loss

As your hormone levels decline, your hair growth does, too. Your hormones control your hair’s growth cycle, affecting everything from its density and strength to its texture. 

While hair restoration targets hair loss externally, BHRT targets this issue internally

Low Libido 

Both men and women can experience libido drops and sexual dysfunction—such as vaginal dryness and erectile dysfunction—as a result of low estrogen and testosterone levels. 

While intimate wellness therapies alleviate these specific concerns, a hormone treatment in Janesville also alleviates your related concerns, such as fatigue, mood swings, and poor sleeping habits.

Reclaiming Your Power Starts Here

News flash—bioidentical hormone replacement therapy isn’t just for menopausal women now!

You deserve to look and feel your best at every stage of life. At Medical Grade Aesthetics, we’re dedicated to restoring your hormones to their optimal levels to enhance your quality of life by elevating your routine.

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